March 3rd, 2008


Day 2 of Job Hunt

Got up, showered, dressed, ate breakfast and made the obligatory calls to the three Accountemps offices in Northern Virginia. At two of them, the staffing managers were in meetings. WTF, people? It's MONDAY MORNING. Somebody ought to be manning the phones! Well, at any rate, I let them know I was available; also sent a resume to RSM McGladrey, which is looking for an accountant. I think I'll fire off some applications to the Feds as well. Waiting is the hardest work there is, and I'd prefer not to do too much of it.

Windows Media Player and the external drive have had a falling out, apparently, so I downloaded Winamp and ran with that. Seems to work okay, but I'm going to need to redo all my playlists since Winamp mooshed all 1300+ tracks together in one ginormous playlist. OTOH, it seems to have a better randomizing algorithm than WMP since it hasn't repeated itself once in three hours.
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