February 29th, 2008


Noonan on Buckley

Read the whole thing.
I agree that people like Buckley are fewer these days only because the so-called "great universities" of America have turned their backs on the kind of classical education they once believed in; people with his command of the classics and the language now come to us from other venues. I think of David Drake, in particular; as much as I like Iowa, I would never rank its university with Harvard or Yale, but in these debased times, the chance of someone getting a solid grounding in the classics at Iowa is probably better than their chance of getting one at Harvard or Yale. Considering all the PC nonsense rampant in the Ivy League these days, yahmeen? (The Corner)

Unrelated: michaellee has a thoughtful post on day passes. Detour actually put the kibosh on day passes long before we ever dreamed of filling the T-Bird to bursting, but the rest of his points are well-taken.

Also, an interesting solution to the subprime mortgage mess and a worthwhile comparison of Michelle Obama to Lincoln.

I never saw this coming

The little construction company that could fired me a little before 4 PM today. They didn't say why (this is Virginia, they don't have to) and the only reason I can think of is so trivial it's probably just as well I'm not going to be working there any more, if that's what it was. Well, it was profitable while it lasted.

I called Accountemps on the way home and had them reactivate my file; they said to call them back Monday morning. Guess it's time to buff up my resume and hit monster.com, see if the Feds have anything to offer. April may be the cruelest month, but I need to have the rent ready by March 30 regardless.
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why wait for Monday?

Updated my resume and threw it out on Monster.com, applied for about half a dozen positions...including a couple that were obviously other temp agencies trolling for new clients. I'm okay with that. So long as they hook me up with work, I don't much care. I also applied for a couple of positions off the Accountemps website, and hopefully this means the Tysons and Dulles offices will start keeping me in mind.

I don't feel as depressed and unhappy as I did a few hours ago when this happened. Here's hoping that lasts; for now, it's time to nuke some soup, bake some fish n' taters, and do dinner.
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