February 22nd, 2008

dead wombat

not the happiest of fridays

Got released from work early since Beltsville is fucking around with their T1 line so we can't get into the AC server. (They can't fool me; they're downloading terabyte upon terabyte of BOLLYWOOD ANIMAL PR0N.) This was okay by me since I'd been feeling like shit all day thanks to the constant dull undertone of pain I remarked on yesterday, to which was added a bit of neck ache as well, most likely from whiplashing myself while poking a new hole in my upper lip...

Well, anyway. I'm going to get stuck into some shrimp and potatoes, by way of observing the Law of the Fish. No plans for the weekend whatsoever unless I start feeling better tomorrow morning...well, okay, I'm going to have to do laundry. No way out of that. So laundry and consumption of Tylenol until the pain goes away. Maybe some internet spaceships, although given the way my head hurts I'm none too enthusiastic about that either.
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    Big Country - Leap of Faith (radio hidebound)
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