February 19th, 2008


It never rains but it pours

Since the post office was closed yesterday, we got an assload of mail at work today, and since I had a pile of invoices that finally came back to me from the project managers (to say nothing of helping Luis out with fax cover sheets for the check run) I figured I'd get to the mail later in the afternoon. Ha, ha, surprise! I got a project dropped on me related to last year's accruals that was a righteous pain in the ass and wiped out the entire afternoon. Not only that, I need to be in here at 0700 so it can be wrapped up by 0900 to keep TPTB in Beltsville happy. So I'm going to go home, do an excusezine and an equally wretched cover (something with Donald Sutherland content, methinks) and go to bed early. Laundry will have to wait for tomorrow. So will unpacking.
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