February 12th, 2008


(original /b/tard title baleeted)

Wow, I guess it really is true that some people have no pride. I swear, if I was Julian Bond's kid, I'd be looking for a sympathetic shrink and a pliable judge to get Dad committed before he sold me out to the Clintons too. Doug Mataconis is right - the argument is absurd on its face, and only someone bought and paid for body and soul would even try to make it.

Between this and the whole superdelegate mishegoss, even if HRC gets the nomination, she'll have pissed off just about every black man and woman in the country that doesn't owe her something, and she'll be going down like the Wilhelm Gustloff in November. This will complete the demolition job Bill did on the party during his administration, but I don't think the Stupid Party's "leadership" will have enough brains or balls to take advantage.

Tea and frozen rain

Yesterday the podiatrist pronounced himself pleased with the progress of my leg wound, which is now a softball-sized area of raw beefy flesh as opposed to the softball-sized area of necrotic tissue oozing lymph, etc. Since the iodine bandages were the wrong size (too small) he decided to switch to a "uniboot", which is a wrap using a zinc oxide-permeated gauze wrap held on by Coban, which is only slightly less sticky than duct tape, especially to itself. This stays on until tomorrow evening, and we'll see how things look then.

Anyway, having the uniboot on makes showering interesting. I managed to shower this morning without killing myself but tomorrow is another day (good) but was too damn tired to cook breakfast and wound up eating McBreakfast on the way to work (not so good). Work was pretty busy, since Luis had been the only one in the office yesterday (Leo and I were both sick) but I managed to get mostly caught up while swilling several mugs of tea, which helped with the sore throat. The accounting posse headed out for Chinese, which was good since I needed Kleenex and DayQuils and there's a CVS next to the Hunan West, our Chinese joint of choice.

Traffic started getting interesting around 1600 when frozen rain hit the Washington metro, causing collisions, snarls and lulz on the Intarstates as Washingtonians once again demonstrated their complete inability to drive in anything less than perfect weather. Unfortunately, they were also clogging the side roads as well, which is why it took me two hours to get home via Braddock Road & Duke Street, a drive that normally takes me 20 minutes in rush hour. Oh well. Got home, ate chicken & shrimp lumps for dinner, and spent the evening doing laundry despite being distracted by Encyclopedia Dramatica.