February 9th, 2008


Saturday is not for slackers

First, I want to say that hot coffee and Iced Earth is a GOOD way to wake up.

Kind of bummed that I missed the knees-up with Colby Cosh and the NRO lads at Karma last night, but it's not like I won't have other opportunities to meet one of my favorite Canadian bloggers. Ah well. It gave me the chance to fine-tune my Pandora stations, finish Charles Stross' Halting State, and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

This morning I paid my truck insurance, recharged my DD card, bought a copy of Adrian Belew's Young Lions from the Root Man's eBay store (if you want something Goth, hardcore or thrashy and he doesn't have it, it's probably not worth having) and am now going to shower before going forth for breakfast, headlight replacement, shopping, and who knows what else?
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