February 5th, 2008


okay, who hit me with the transmogrifier?

For no good reason that I can think of, I'm feeling pretty good & cheerful today. Sure, I got plenty of sleep last night, and I watched this video as well as the "Life in a Nutshell" video here, which is pretty damn impressive. (I never realized Adrian Belew had played in so many bands I like, from Frank Zappa to King Crimson. Damn.) I guess part of it is that Belew is so obviously enjoying himself that it's infectious.
OMG I HAVE CAUGHT THE HAPPINESS VIRUS! My self-image as Eeyore is ruined! Heh. Well, being Tigger for a day is okay.

Doctor's appointment this morning went well - I gained back 5.5 pounds, but the numbers are all good, and I expect them to continue that way. Hopefully the GI guy this afternoon will like the numbers too.

Not celebrating yet

Did my taxes online again this year, forking out $80 to Intuit since I had to file in Minnesota and Virginia this year. Governator Junior's lads at MN Revenue clipped me for the last time, claiming ~$400 in additional taxes (mostly out of the $15K I took out of the Cardboard Box Fund to finance my move out here) but I made out OK with the Feds and the Commonwealth, and am expecting refunds from both. Of course, I might could have screwed something up, and I'm sure they'll let me know if I have.

I got my prescriptions refilled today at Kaiser. Two Benjamins and change, though most of that was the Iodoflex, which is not in the KP formulary and this rather pricy. Still, if it heals up the wound on my leg it'll be more than worth it. Also, I get reimbursed for all this from my pre-tax spending account. It'd be nice if AFLAC caught up with WageWorks and issued debit cards for this sort of thing, but as long as I get the money back I don't much care.

Note to self: Cooking and eating pasta is a lot easier when you have a slotted spoon with which to scoop the noodles. Another item for the shopping list.
the mark


...but it would seem Elvis Hitler is alive and well and still playing the clubs in and around Detroit. Dude has a MySpace page; wish he'd burn a few CDs and throw them up on ArtistDirect or something. I'm still kicking myself for passing up that copy of Sadomasochisticexpialidocious I saw in the cutout rack at Sam Goody's, back when there was one in City Center; good psychobilly that doesn't take itself -or anything else- too seriously is hard to come by.

Apparently he had a blog, but couldn't keep the interest going for more than a month. Too bad - there's some funny stuff in there, and some real potential.
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