February 3rd, 2008


Saturday night at mikaku

So yeah, traditional birthday fish & tentacles for P with RS, Gage (sp?) and his lovely wife Carol, who I thanked profusely for helping look after P when the Massive Unscheduled Exsanguination was going on earlier this winter. Good conversation, good food, only embarrassed P once by spouting memeage. Hey, embarrassing the kids is what being a parent is all about, no? ;) Still, I try and keep it to a minimum. Especially on birthdays. :D

Anyway, P's still undecided about going to the Co$ protest next Sunday, which is okay...it must seem awfully weird to her that I'm encouraging her to come to a protest, but as I pointed out, she has nobody to blame but herself for this. As for me, I'm going to see if I can line up an Afro wig for next weekend's festivities, but an Armani suit or unreasonable facsimile thereof is unfortunately beyond me. Black T-shirt, cargo pants and urban camo jacket will just have to do.

Did a little shopping for household necessities (bandages, colander, eggs, and washcloths, among other things) on the way home, and got home around 2230 or so. Paid the rent before I left, so that's one less thing to worry about.

This is why the Third Reich failed to conquer the world.

Some asshole was inventing the canned cheeseburger instead of ironing out the production problems with the Panther. Sixty years later, a brave Goon takes his life digestion in his hands and eats one for the edification of the masses. Pictures highly relevant; once again, Professor Death delivers.

From the same thread, this awesome sandwich. Yow.
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leftovers for lunch

The thing about leftover sushi is that it's best not to look at it before you eat it. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

No plans to watch the Super Bowl; I don't think I've seen one since 2002, and finding someplace to hang out for four hours and watch it - like, say, a sports bar - sounds like more expense than I want to incur for something I don't really care about anyway. I'll probably either do laundry or put my feet up and read.

Speaking of reading, I blew through John Scalzi's The Last Colony last night. Excellent book, fast-paced and not hugely bloated by subplots and other nonsense the way so many SF novels are these days. This review is a pretty good summary of the book, even if I don't agree with the reviewer's criticism of the characters, and since I'm feeling moderately lazy this afternoon I'm going to link and not write my own plot summary. I'm currently reading David Kaplan's The Silicon Boys, for which thanks to RS.