January 31st, 2008


the siren call of the custard bun

I've found another restaurant to avoid...unless, of course, I want to go face-first into the peach buns, custard buns, lightbulbs, and other Chinese sweets. The Dragon Sea Buffet in Springfield violates the plastic chair rule, but nonetheless has a decent variety of entrees, a good-sized salad & fruit bar, and a sushi guy who makes decent enough rolls. (I forgot to sample the tamago. ;_;) It's also cheap ($8.50 including beverage) and just ten minutes away from work, which is perhaps too convenient.

I'm glad I remembered Radio Hidebound, since I can't access pandora.com on account of Shockwave Flash isn't enabled on my workstation. BIG 100.3 was getting tiresome as they recycled the same Jeff Foxworthy sketches repeatedly throughout the day, and I only have so many mix CDs. Sure, I suppose I could lug the external hard drive to work, but getting out of the house in the morning is difficult enough as it is. Now, if only my fellow RH patronswould quit requesting "Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog" and "Don't Let Us Get Sick", things would be pretty awesome.
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Stupid software! You did exactly what I told you!

If you don't see any posts for the next few days (hey, it could happen) it's because I'm removing roads from a TOAW scenario map, one hex at a time. Evidently I hit the "fill to borders" option by mistake. *sigh*

I'm also taking a break from EVE while I train Refinery Efficiency V. That'll take me a month, and I figure if anything important happens (like, say, BoB relocating to Scalding Pass somehow) jamestrainor or thaadd will let me know.

In other news, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra is pretty cool. I may have to buy some.

Unrelated: Cowzilla is refusing to boot up normally unless the external hard drive is disconnected. WTF.