January 28th, 2008


sticker shock comes to my fandom

They say everything depends on the context, and now that I've seen what two of the conventions that got me into fandom are charging these days, the $50 that Otakon demands for pre-reg doesn't seem so outrageous any more. Hotel rates are similarly expensive...unlike Minnesota, there's no real off-season here except for the few weeks that Congress is out of town. Those tend to coincide with holidays, and tourist season, so there you are. No breaks for the common fan.

Wells was pretty quick off the mark in sending my 401k check; it arrived today and will be off to Ameritrade via Priority Mail tomorrow. I'm going to pull about half of it out to ease the cash flow, and in the meantime I have enough left over after paying rent to get me through until next payday.

Going to finish my laundry and crash early, I think. Today was a hard day at work and all us vatos were in a foul mood after having to work on Saturday, which didn't help. I slept well last night, but not nearly long enough, and I want to make up for that tonight.