January 24th, 2008

Boss Coffee


On the first day of increased meds, my blood sugar crashed like an overloaded Concordski. Lunch reading yesterday was 99, dinner was 77, and this morning it's 123, down from the usual ~160 it's been at since New Year's. I think I'm going to slack off on the glipizide boost and just stick with increasing the Cozaar and metformin, since hypoglycemia ain't fun.

Lost connectivity last night and didn't get it back until this morning when I called Cavalier tech support; they switched from static to dynamic IP addressing and kinda forgot to let users like me know. :(

Time to fix lunch, take drugs, and get my ass on the road.

Choose your mockery

Who does the best parody of Tom Cruise, Scientology Televangelist: Mickey Kaus on Bloggingheads.tv or Jerry O'Connell? (Ed Driscoll)

Cobb bids farewell to Fred:

Finished A Random Walk on Wall Street tonight. Bottom line: if you're looking for something more serious and thorough in its treatment of various investment strategies than The Motley Fool Investment Guide, this is probably the book you want. Where the MFIG concentrates mainly on avoiding the traps and helping you get started in the stock market, Malkiel's book has more to say about other investment vehicles (bonds, cash, etc.) and where those belong in your diversified portfolio. For example, most of you reading this are considerably younger than I am and can stand more risk in your portfolios since you have more time until retirement for the risk to pay off or be mediated by the other, less risky parts of your portfolio. Recommended.

Currently reading: Flashman and the Angel of the Lord.