January 21st, 2008


Who knows what tomorrow might bring?

Forgot that today was MLK Day, which meant that all the feds were home and no mail was being delivered. So today was less busy than Mondays usually are; I'll probably pay for it tomorrow after I come back from my morning doctor's appointment. I also got through the day without needing a Dayquil or cough drops, though I did swill about a gallon of tea and blow my nose a lot. So I'm getting better...the irony of this happening before I go to the doctor's is not lost on me.

At the American Thinker blog, they're looking at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as Gramscians via Saul Alinsky, and considering what that's likely to mean for the Democrats as a party. As a corollary to the Alinsky piece, there's a link to a consideration of what the Democrats' use of these tactics means for us as a nation, which in turn links to ESR's post on Gramscian Marxists and memetic warfare. I'm not really feeling well enough to work the brain too hard on this, but I do think that any Marxist organization that fails to achieve its ends will either be worn down and eventually neutered by the attractions of power within a Western state (cf. the Eurocommunists, especially in Italy and France) or become fragmented into a plethora of squabbling fractions more interested in Marxist ideology than political power. To a certain extent, the latter has already happened to Communism in America; it took the New Left and its application of Gramsci's tactics to revive one-party socialism as a serious threat to the Republic. (Maggie's Farm)