January 16th, 2008


Closer to home

Well, to my surprise I actually got my paycheck deposited into my account at 4:30. This allowed me to head over to Walmart and pick up more stuff for the apartment - after tending to important matters such as my phone bill, filling the Kia's gas tank, and chowing down on a Chipotle burrito for dinner.

Somewhere along the line I caught a cold - spent most of the day dealing with a dry unproductive cough, which no amount of cough drops or water seemed to mend. I'll be going to bed early tonight with some Nyquils for company, since the next couple of days at work are going to be really busy. I cut work short and left at 5 today so I could make it over to the Kaiser Pharmacy (it closes at 6) and get my new glucose meter, strips, and Iodosorb. Well, two out of three's not bad - I had to leave the Iodosorb there since it cost about $120 and I can't cover that right now. Well, I'll manage for the next week and a half until I can.

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