January 11th, 2008

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Why can't we all just sing along?

Quoth Lileks:
I’ve been sitting here bopping to Brian Setzer while I write this, and it’s more fun than thinking about politics. I still think we should take a big poll and find one band that satisfies everyone, and the day after the election we have a big grand beer bash to celebrate the fact that everyone loves “Rock Around the Clock” and tanks won’t roll when the baton passes, and that’s no small thing. Because if you can’t find yourself at 1 AM laughing and arguing about the glories of American popular culture with someone who’s on the absolute opposite site of the political aisle, well, here: one big ticket redeemable for a quart of pity.

The only problem with this is that a lot of popular music is polluted with social commentary, and I for one get tired of being lectured to by rock stars and folkies about what a horrible country this is. I think sometimes this is why hair metal was (and is) so popular: 99% of it was about sex and drugs and rock n' roll and teenage romance, and sometimes you just want to have fun dancing and singing "Talk Dirty To Me" at the top of your beer-soaked lungs. One thought that keeps floating into my consciousness when I'm listening to the WBIG stream at work is that I used to like the songs they play -mostly soft/prog rock from the 60s and 70s- a lot more before I started paying attention to the lyrics. "Love The One You're With" doesn't sound like such a good idea after watching families crumble and collapse because Mr./Mrs. A were loving the one they were with instead of their spouse. :(

Well, I've had my breakfast/lunch; time to head in to work.