January 10th, 2008


non-pentitential fasting & other mortification

I have a whole mess of bloodwork to be done tomorrow before my podiatry appointment, so I'm going to be fasting tonight from 8 PM onward - nothing by mouth, not even water, for the next 12 hours until they start drawing blood, collecting urine, and other samples of my precious bodily fluids. This is all to establish a baseline for my new doctor, since we still haven't gotten my medical records from Mac-Groveland. I have half a mind to come up a day early for Detour (which would be Wednesday, since the convention really starts Thursday for staff*) and stop by to get them.

In the meantime, work has been made much more interesting by the sudden appearance of about 3" worth of invoices from last month that had apparently been hiding on Luis' desk under a pile of lien releases. Well, at least that won't be happening any more, but it's going to mean some serious slamming of the keyboard as I try to get all this stuff into the project managers' folders by Monday. I might be able to hit that goal, even with the time lost for tomorrow's doctor appointment and tests factored in.

Following up on yesterday's post, I'm pretty impressed by Alexandria's Beatley library. It's fairly new, built in an open-stacks layout, and has a decent selection of SF. Interestingly enough, they have all of Harry Turtledove's alternate history novels filed in with the mainstream fiction, in contrast to S.M. Stirling's Oregon trilogy and John Ringo's Assiti Shards books, which are in the ghetto with the rest of the SF. For now, I'm busy reading George Macdonald Fraser's history of the Scotch/English border and its people, The Steel Bonnets.

*No, I'm not on staff any more, but it would seem weird to not show up until Friday.