January 5th, 2008


Into the weekend

Spent Thursday evening playing driver for Mr. B, who is not yet 100% recovered from his ailments; this was a hassle since it necessitated driving up to College Park after work and home from there before hitting the rack. However, having the opportunity to drive Richard's Mercedes 450 was very much worth it. Comfort, speed, and high-tech gadgetry to make driving easier. I haven't enjoyed driving this much since piloting a rental Impala to Bloomington on the way back from Cousin Terry's wedding in 2003. Anyway, we met up with Charlie Groark and went to dinner at Outback; there was much discussion of RPGs and anime. When we got back to Richard's I renewed acquaintance with Andy Bartalone, who I hadn't seen since the day I got canned from Skycache. Which is weird, really; we have a number of friends in common and some interests as well. I suspect I'll be seeing more of him since I want to do more wargaming...once I have somewhere to set up games again, that is.

Friday was not so fun. It was check run day, which meant Luis and I spent most of the day printing lien releases, ditto fax cover sheets, taking care of subcontractors who came to pick up their checks, dealing with those subs who called in looking for checks...it made for a very long day. At least I got the (temporary) sole use of an HP printer, which sped things up quite a bit, and found the stream for 100.3 FM, which used to be the easy listening station in these parts but is now the "oldies" station. This means they mostly play music that was current when I was in high school, and the softer stuff to boot...no heavy metal as far as I could tell. Even the few Led Zeppelin tracks they played were the blues ballads and not stuff like "The Immigrant Song".

Much to do tomorrow, which means I need to knock this off and go to bed.
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field expedients

Well, P's toe was too messed up for her to help with any kind of moving today, so I settled for strapping pkat's old drafting chair to the roof of the Sportage with bungee cords and getting some boxes of kitchen stuff out of the storage locker. Got a shower curtain from Wal-Mart, put it up, and unpacked most of my coffee cups along with miscellaneous stuff from the old kitchen. My kitchen gear now consists of a can opener, a teaspoon, and two bread knives. :3

Tomorrow after I do laundry and pack stuff up here, I'm going to haul my clothes, laptop, and whatever else I can fit into my suitcases & bag over to the apartment. This will probably require a couple of trips, but that's okay. I probably wouldn't be doing anything useful tomorrow otherwise, besides finishing Mom's grocery shopping (neither Shoppers Food Warehouse nor Wal-Mart stock chorizo or corned beef briskets) and getting laundry done. There's an extra sleeping bag downstairs, and Mom says I can borrow the extra pillows & stuff from this here bed I've been sleeping in these last few months until I can get the rest of my stuff moved in and unpacked. I can manage with that.

Following up some posts from earlier this week...

John Scalzi doesn't like the privilege meme either, and has some interesting things to say about it - as do his commenters. (Instapundit)

Meanwhile, Max Boot comes to bury and praise the late George MacDonald Fraser - and incidentally kills whatever faint interest I might have had in reading Patrick O'Brien's Aubrey/Maturin novels. Also, Extreme Mortman supplies a connection between Fraser's antihero Harry Flashman, Charlie Wilson, and the exploits of our Green Berets in Afghanistan against the Taliban. What I want to know, though, is who's the hot chick with the sword on that cover? ;)