December 30th, 2007


the marshall plan and other tunes

Apparently I ordered an extra CD when I cleared out my wish list on, because in addition to the three CDs I was expecting (Cultosaurus Erectus, Fire of Unknown Origin and Mirrors) I also got The Revolution by Night.
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jamestrainor was in town this weekend, and it was good to see him on Saturday. No moving happened since the bed of P's truck was still wet from the rain on Friday, but that's all right. Mom was happy to see both her grandchildren, awkward conversation between the cousins occurred, and eventually he and I headed out with P to the Malibu Grill, a churrasqueria in Fairfax where much meat was consumed. After dinner we went over to Chez Seastrom for an exchange of books and farewells; I got home a little before midnight after stopping for coffee on Route 7 so I could be sure I would in fact arrive home. Stayed up way too late finishing A Small Colonial War and as a result slept in until after 1300.

No plans for today or tomorrow, but I'll probably be getting together with Mr. B for a long-delayed meeting with Charlie Groark later this week.