December 26th, 2007


interim measures

Spent this morning splitting my attention between my actual work and making phone calls to get utilities set up in the new apartment. Gas and electricity are good to go for Friday; internets and landline* sometime in the next couple of weeks whenever Cavalier Communications gets around to it. Comcast might have been faster, but they seemed intent on punishing me for being an existing customer (no shot at the $19.95 cable intarwebs price, as well as a $99 installation fee) and as for Verizon, don't make me laugh. As if they didn't have a crappy enough reputation to begin with, the way they screwed my employers around when it came to moving our T1 line into the new building pretty much put the kibosh on any thoughts I might have had of trusting the unholy spawn of Bell Atlantic and NYNEX. So, if I can extract my futon from the storage shed this weekend (Hi, P!) I can actually move into the new place and start commuting from there next week.

Work is slow today. I have to re-do a bunch of paperwork because there's a mismatch between our new notary's name on the org chart and her name on the notary stamp, and there's some invoices to be coded and put into tracking, but aside from that...nada, until the mail gets here. Most of our customers and vendors are taking this short week off, and so are the company's brass for the most part. My boss Leo is included in that number, and Luis' grandmother died early this morning so he was only in long enough to pass the baton to me when I got in. So it's just me here today.

Oh, yes - for those of you worrying about my health so I don't have to, I called Kaiser and scheduled an appointment with my new doctor. This should result in more appointments with other doctors, and some new durable medical stuff.

*It was a nickel less to get landline + DSL than to just get DSL. I don't understand it either. Come to think of it, I don't even know if I have a normal phone any more. \o/

Monday linkagery

Apparently the anti-WalMart folks have an English equivalent in Tesco-bashers. Julie Burchill isn't having any of that.

An article by Noemie Emery chronicles the Congressional Democrats' "surge against the surge", and Jeff Kouba cites it to correct a Susan Lenfestey claim in the Strib that "there was never any doubt that the surge would work". Of course not, Susan. But don't tell Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. (Mitch Berg)

Elsewhere, Professor Death points to a Reuters article that indicates parasites may be a bigger health problem in America than previously thought. Makes sense to me; all those feral cats & dogs in the city don't scoop their own poop, after all.

Cobb has Ron Paul pegged as a loon (and draws the expected fire from RoPabots in comments), thinks blacks who keep whining about "the Southern Strategy" should put up or shut up, and has a cool Christmas family pic. Even if his Spousal Unit can't keep the hard face. :)
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You may say to yourself, "My God, what have I done?"

Ganked from GVDL. If you want to play, copy the list, bold what you've done and leave what you haven't in plain text.
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There's a lot of this stuff that isn't on my to-do list, and a lot of stuff that is on my list isn't here. Why Paris and not Rome, frex? Anyway, I don't take "life lists" like this too seriously. The whole idea of somebody coming up with a list of things "everybody should do" is a pretty repugnant one to me; people should have their own dreams and goals, and Tyler Durden to the contrary, we all have the potential to be unique snowflakes. Some of us are just going to be more coal-smirched than others.

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no fleet op for me tonight

There's a fleet op scheduled for tonight, and as badly as I want to take the good ship "Animal Magnetism" out for a spin, I know I'm too tired to do a good job with my interstellar beat box of doom. So the hell with it. I'm going to bed early.

Didn't help my fatigue by staying at the office until 1800 working on my year in review post. *sigh*