December 23rd, 2007


space rich & real-life poor

Well, I'm not quite to the point where I'm checking the floor mats of the Sportage for loose change, but I should have been a little less eager to throw money around this past week. I've got enough to cover the checks I need to write when I move into the new apartment on the 28th, but unless I want to borrow cash from somebody I'll have to hold off on moving most of my stuff there until mid-January when my first paycheck of the new year drops into my checking account. (I hope.)

All that raw meat yesterday (yeah, the kitfo was raw too, big surprise there) left me feeling under the weather today, so I didn't go out to shoot with P and RS. Next time I'll know better and be antisocially greedy with the shiro wot...or better yet, just not go. It's not like the shiro wot or the injera were that good*. :(

So I spent the day with my feet up playing EVE except when I went downstairs to eat soup and sandwiches (all approved by the Bland InstituteTM) and watch my blood sugar drop back into the acceptable range. I've had worse days.

*Oh, yeah - as for berbere, it's pretty lame. The dork who compared it to chili powder needs to have his taste buds examined.