December 20th, 2007


waiting for the traffic to clear

I have to say, I'm not going to miss this business of hanging out in the office until 1830-1900 waiting for the traffic on 95N/495E to clear so I can get over the bridge and "home" to Mom's. Right now things are an ugly bloody red on the traffic maps from Van Dorn Avenue clear over the river to Indian Head Highway. Taking 395 North through the District isn't an option today either.

After screwing up my pay for a month and a half, the payroll section finally did me a favor - they double-paid me on this week's check, dropping the second half into my SunTrust account on Tuesday.
Obviously, I'm not going to run right out and spend it all, considering that I have a deposit and January rent to come out of it (to say nothing of my new, lower truck insurance ^__^) but the early cash does allow me to get some things done earlier than I might have otherwise. Of course, payroll is going to make up for this by not paying me on 12/31, but that's okay. I'll manage...the next paycheck will be on 1/14 and I'll probably get it in the wee hours of 1/12 since the problem with my direct deposit has been fixed. w00t.

No real plans for Christmas - I have a couple of things to pick up for family, to say nothing of cards. #^__^# I'll probably wind up hanging out with Mom and catching the early Mass before heading out to visit P and RS. I have to be back at work on Boxing Day, so nothing too late is on the agenda.

In the meantime, we've been getting deluged by food here at the Little Construction Company That Could. Our subcontractors have been sending over cheesecake, decorative fruit arrangements, and entirely too much in the way of chocolate, cookies, and nuts. Except for the fruit, none of this is helping the medical situation mentioned in the last post...

Worth 1000 words indeed

A comparison of the TIME ManPerson of the Year pix taken by Platon: Vladimir Putin and Bill Clinton. Only a fool, or someone supremely ignorant of history, would think these two men had anything in common other than the superficial fact that they're both sitting in a chair. Personally? I think Patrick Carroll hit the nail on the head in his comment. Once a Chekist, always a Chekist.