December 3rd, 2007


Can we get a trained monkey in here for some quality work, please?

Sure enough, no money at SunTrust this morning and none pending. Thus having been filled with rage, I went to work and consulted with the VP/Ops. A couple hours later, after having checked my account AGAIN and checked with the ACH people at SunTrust to make sure the money wasn't hiding anywhere, we called the Beltsville office and quickly determined that the reason things hadn't gone the way they were supposed to was that they had the wrong account number for my checking account. This, in spite of my having sent them a voided check (as requested) and having oh so carefully inscribed the same information in the appropriate space on the form as requested. They're supposed to take me off direct deposit and send me a check tomorrow via courier, and the VP/Ops is going to call tomorrow morning to make sure this happens. Am I just being cynical, or is it rational to expect them to fuck this up too?

As if I wasn't depressed enough, I appear to have either a cold or the early symptoms of another sinus infection.