October 24th, 2007


bowing to the inevitable pt.3

Cell phone no longer has a Minnesota area code; that number (612-810-1673) is dead.
Cell phone now has a Maryland area code, and if you want it you can e-mail me using my LJ mail address. I'll be sending out an e-mail blast from my AOL account for the benefit of people who claim to beare too busy to read LJ, but I advise my LJ peeps to e-mail me for the number.

The Katana still has a 612 number, but since it's going back to the factory it doesn't really matter what it is right now. I'll spread it around come Detour time.

On my first day as a new hire, I went to Chick-Fil-A

Seriously, not much change from being a temp to being a regular employee, except for taking a few minutes out to sign the job offer and the NDA/NCA. I did take a full hour for lunch today and went to lunch with the VP Ops and the CFO, who are actually about the same age I am, as opposed to my fellow bookkeepers, who are half my age. Lots of coding and stamping and research today, much like yesterday. I expect tomorrow to be much the same.

Feeling kind of dragged out and tired, so I think I'll keep the internet spaceships to a minimum and go to bed early.

EDIT: Actually, my first day is the 29th, but what the hell - they treat me like one of the guys anyway.