October 22nd, 2007


On this day in my life...

Nothing happened, really. The commutes to and from work were mercifully free of major cloggage, work went fairly smoothly with some new procedures being mastered, and the Garden Vegetable Patties I nuked for dinner (Eh, I was cheap and lazy. Besides, if I hadn't, they would have remained in the fridge until it and they died.) were okay if unspectacular. I suppose I could have obliterated even more of the taste by using ketchup and mustard along with the mayonnaise, but I was hungry. Maybe next time I'll try them with bacon. *evil grin*

Did some manufacturing at 1v, ore speculation in Detorid, and space trucking down to 77s so as to make more isk in the ammo business, but I'm too tired to wait up for the big convoy going down to K-9. I'll sneak my stuff down there later maybe, though getting all (or even most) of my useful ships down there is going to be a pain. That goes double for my mining barge, which is slower than a sloth on Thorazine and even more defenseless.
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