October 19th, 2007


Something from my endless to-do list

joelrosenberg is fuming about Christmas, and in the course of responding/sympathizing, it occurred to me that I never quite got around to compiling my list of holidays correlated with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Christmas is obviously Greed, the 4th of July is Pride, and Thanksgiving is Gluttony. Any suggestions for the others? Since I think there are more holidays than Deadly Sins, I'm open to suggestions using venial sins as well. :)

milestones and invoices

Tomorrow my mother will be 75. She hasn't expressed any interest in going out and doing anything, but that's her prerogative.
Also tomorrow, jamestrainor will be 23. Happy birthday, kiddo. I have a package going to the post office tomorrow for you.

No filing or copying today at the temp job, just a lot of looking stuff up in databases and coding invoices. I think I've come up with a way of tracking invoices for my employers that doesn't involve all the damn copying, temporary filing, file searching, and trashing of copies their existing procedures require. It involves using an exciting new product from Microsoft which I predict will soon be taking the accounting world by storm. The product's name? Excel. The lead bookkeeper was so impressed by my innovative ways that he asked me to e-mail him my resume. So who knows, they may be making me an offer. We'll see how that works out; they definitely need more people, but I'm not much interested in working for the wages I'm collecting as a temp ($13.65, IIRC) while salvaging Accountemps' reputation.

The morning commute worked surprisingly well this morning. Got up at 0600 (groan) was out of the house by 0700 and heading up South Capitol Street. Unfortunately when I got to the 395 on-ramp I was in the wrong (right-hand) lane and would have been shunted off to Baltimore, so I turned right on I Street and hit McDonald's for (more) breakfast. [Note to readers with an interest in my diet: original breakfast was coffee, toast, a banana, and drugs.] This allowed me to execute a right turn-and-drift onto the southbound 395 ramp from I Street, and cruise smoothly down the freeway -once I'd dodged past all the folks trying to get off at L'Enfant Plaza and other downtown exits. This having been accomplished, I got down to Little River Turnpike by 0745 and did a little shopping for lunch items at the Shoppers Food Warehouse before heading in to work with plenty of time to spare before the official 0830 start time. The problem with starting that early in the morning, of course, is that by 10 PM that night you're pretty w;lkhs;ifb cdjnm x.a.