October 18th, 2007


out of the frying pan into the fire

Well, that was an interesting day, even though I spent all of it sorting & filing invoices or pulling copies of said invoices from the suspense files so the copies could be trashed. I'm at a construction company until further notice, helping salvage my fellow Bobs' (not to be confused with BoB from EVE) reputation after Predecessor #1 contracted an endless case of stomach flu and Predecessor #2 couldn't stay away from the receptionist. *rolls eyes* It's not a terribly demanding job, but the company is going to be moving to newer and more roomy offices in the unspecified future and it rings the alarm bell with great force when the head bookkeeper sits down with you and earnestly solicits advice on how to fix the workflow of invoices, which they know is fux0red and can't think of any way to improve themselves. Apparently the problem is that nobody really understands the hermaphrodite project management/accounting software the company uses, at least not enough to get it to spit out aging reports. Now, I'm no A/P guru, but Jesus X. Christ, that's a pretty fundamental part of managing your payables, and if the CFO can't provide better guidance than "Hey guys, see what you can figure out here" I'm not so sure I want to be one of the guys carrying the shovels in this particular parade. So I'll keep banging the papers together until Accountemps, Monster.com, or the Feds find me something better.

Noticed on the way home that the old Foxchase shopping center (on Duke Street, a couple blocks east of 395) has had a major makeover. The two-screen theater where I first saw Shall We Dance? is gone, and in its place there's a Harris Teeter, Absolutely Amish, and (coming soon) a Chipotle. I stopped at Foxchase for some Chinese since two nights of Mexican in a row are enough for me and I wanted to wait out the rush hour.

On that note, I think I'm going to take my evening drugs and crash early, because I am tired as hell and have zero interest in shotting POS or anything else tonight.