October 17th, 2007


Another day in the trenches

Finished up today at the ad agency and will be starting tomorrow at a construction company for $0.60/hour more. It's not the kind of assignment I'd like - lots of copying & filing, blech - but it's work and I do need the money.

Boss lady at the agency bought everyone lunch from a local Middle Eastern place, which was cool, but unfortunately the rolled shawirma was about half the size of the ones from Moby's and was infested with pickles. WTF? Once I removed those there wasn't much left, and I was damned glad I'd packed a couple of sandwiches. Oddly, the side salad was good despite the crumbled feta. Maybe it wasn't feta.

Going to eat dinner, play a little EVE, and go to bed early since I need to be in the ass end of Alexandria at 8:30 and that means hitting the Woodrow Wilson no later than 7:45. I'm almost tempted to go up South Capital and take 395 out there, but that's going around two sides of a triangle and the first leg would be a stone bitch at that hour just like 95 South to the WW. (A handy map for you Minnesotans and others who have no idea WTF I'm raving about.)
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