October 16th, 2007


Okay, I screwed up

Apparently when I was venting my spleen on the IRS I forgot the parts of the application where they asked me if I had any experience doing 1) auditing, 2) financial reporting, or 3) [insert topic probably taught during a BA Accounting program], to all of which I answered, truthfully, no. Well, now we know who screwed up and where, and I have some more time in Purgatory to work off.

Tomorrow will for sure be the last day at the ad agency since the supervisor is leaving for AZ in the afternoon. Besides, I've had all the disorganization and chaos I can stand anyway. Yeah, free parking and pop are good, but working with Clients & Profits X is the suck. Don't even get me started on Excel for Mac. I want to find the bastard who decided the F2 key in that should work differently FROM EVERY F*CKING WINDOWS VERSION OF EXCEL SINCE 3.11, and beat them to death with a spiked baseball bat. Starting with the kneecaps.

At least dinner was good. Mom slow-cooked some pork with red chiles and it was GREAT. Tomorrow it'll be better since we'll have beans and rice and I won't feel guilty about leaving the sauce on my plate. :D

Went out and shot POS tonight with my fellow goons; used up lots of ammo and apparently helped put a POS into reinforced, which means it'll probably be dead by downtime. Some BoB and DR types sortied from their station but I was too slow and didn't get in on the kills. :(

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