October 11th, 2007


not my SOTD, I hope

Stayed out way too late last night chatting with Dutch & Brenda about schools, cats, kids, books, and all kinds of other stuff; made the long drive home to the ancestral digs and instead of going to bed, I logged into EVE and took care of some business. Then I downloaded the State of the Goonion and listened to Sesfan recount the tale of our revival after the supercap nerfs, our Titan kills (mad props to our Russian brosefs, BFF!), the Purgation of Omist, and the Cleansing of Tenerifis, culminating in the opening of the Eye of Terror, which heralds the demise of RISE. BoB (and their pets) delenda est!

This meant I wound up sleeping in until 10 AM, which was okay since I was going to spend the day plugging my resume into Monster.com. This changed half an hour after I got up when Accountemps called to ask if I could do a 2 PM interview with Dominion Power - they're looking for an A/R person, and I can do that kind of work in my sleep. So I'm going to shower, put on my festive black office wear, and do the interview. It's a temp-to-perm job, so I'm hoping for the best. Time to turn on the charm and amp the charisma, oh wai-
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