October 5th, 2007


this evening's waste of time, effort & gasoline brought to you by MicroCenter

Well, that was a complete five-star disaster. I collected P from the Seastrom Lair at 1930, got to MicroCenter in Vienna at 2000, found the parts we needed...and then things came to a grinding halt since MicroCenter's aptly named POS systems had all suffered a fatal server crash. This is probably because those morons are running their stores on Vista, but in any case it meant no sale for us since I was experiencing sugar crash and had to find FOOD. This I did, at the slowest McDonald's in the history of that chain. I swear, the grill lady must have been hired sometime in the Jurassic Age when the BrontoBurger was still just 49 cents. That blew the remaining half hour until 2100, which shot my plans to hit the post office and Wal-Mart (for prescription refill) right in the ass.

P and I gave the night up as a bad job and agreed to try MicroCenteragain Saturday. I'm going out today for drugs, returning my Katana to the Sanyo factory through a Sprint service center, and maybe a post-office run. We'll see how it goes.

after a night full of fail, a day full of win

Went forth today to refill prescription, send phone to Sanyo, and maybe take care of other business before returning home to Mom with requested bananas & veg. Got prescription refilled (Metformin is now on WalMart's $4 list, much money saved, Sam Walton akbar!), got SunTrust debit card in the mail, and collected trackball at MicroCenter before returning to the ancestral digs with fruit & vegetable matter. Didn't send off phone to Sanyo since Sprint won't do that, but I got the lowdown from Sanyo and phone will be leaving for Texas via UPS or FedEx as soon as I get the necessary papers.

Meanwhile, since new trackball is t3h s3x, I'm going to kill some rats, mine some rocks...ah, who am I kidding? I'm going to kill a buttload of rats and loot their corpses! Weehu!