September 25th, 2007


I'm not okay and neither are you, apparently

Been trying desperately to stay awake today, which sounds a little weird when you conisder that I went to bed at 2000 last night and got up twelve hours later. More accurately, I got up every 90 minutes to urinate, go down & up the stairs, and drink water. Quarts and quarts of water. The fever is mostly gone, my blood sugar is decreasing from horrible to merely bad, and the neck pain is manageable. So I'm making progress with the flu.

The refund check for my deposit arrived yesterday - $70 and change. It's not actually all that bad considering the deposit was only $300 (I'd forgotten that) and they billed me for twelve hours of cleaning, which sounds reasonable to me. So now I have $150 in miscellaneous checks looking for a home; guess I better open a local account somewhere.

The job at Strayer may be ending early, which would be fine with me. Need more hours and more money.