September 20th, 2007

dead wombat

not the way I wanted to start my weekend

Slept very poorly last night, up and down stairs half the night going to the can and sweating like this was the Black Hole of Calcutta. Obviously it's some kind of fever; for once, not cellulitis, thank God. I managed to get my laundry into the wash, but around 11 AM I just completely ran out of energy and decided to call in sick.

Back to bed now, and I hope I can actually stay there for a while.
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    Jason & the Scorchers - Take Me Home, Country Roads
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dead wombat

I'm not sure this is better

Carlos brought me some NyQuil Sinus and DayQuil Sinus gelcaps when he came by this afternoon, and I promptly dry-swallowed a couple of the DayQuils. The neck pain seems to be gone now, but this crap they're using now instead of Sudafed seems to have given my sweat glands a real kick in the ass, because it's just POURING off me now.

On the upside, the field jacket I ordered day before yesterday arrived today - and it has a LINER! Hot damn. Now I'll be ready for (snort, chuckle) serious cold weather! Like there's a big chance of that around here. Still, I expect that liner's going to come in handy next April, if not sooner.

Currently reading: Flashman and the Dragon, but that's pretty heavy going in my current state and I believe I'm going to switch to The World of Jeeves until the fever dies out. What a time to be unable to drink. :(