September 6th, 2007



Got a call from my manager at Accountemps - client still hasn't gotten their system issues sorted out and so doesn't need to have me come in until Monday. Client is still going to pay me for my time, though, which is good, because while I'm not at the end of my financial rope yet, I can see it from here. I still need to pick up my timecard from Strayer and send it in, but since I need to be down in that end of the city anyway to pick up my UPS boxes that's no big deal.

So I have another couple of days to hunt for something more permanent. Here's hoping something turns up.
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About the only useful thing I got done Not getting myself down like that. I actually got a number of things done today, even if some of them were disappointing.

First, I have a mailing address out here:
PO Box 221132
Chantilly VA 20151-1132

This doesn't solve my residence problems, but it's progress - at least I can get my goddamn mail again. I don't know why I didn't have P or RS or somebody get me a PO box out here before I got here. Actually, I do know - I was expecting to be able to walk in, slap down a couple months' rent, and get an apartment. What a dumbass.

I also got my boxes from UPS and put them in storage, did laundry, got envelopes, and sent off the COBRA paperwork. Oh yeah, took P to the gym and back and read most of Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob" while waiting on the laundry. Meh. It wasn't all that; the presence of John Shirley should have warned me off.

Finally swallowed my pride and asked a friend if he had space in his townhouse for a roommate. I was half expecting him to say no, which he did, so when I finally got back to the hotel room I filled out the online paperwork and set to look for roomies. God, they're all so young. Hopefully one of them will be desperateaccommodating enough to take me on, in which case I will contribute a Roomba to the deal.