August 31st, 2007


busy Friday ahead

First, how the national media got the New Orleans story wrong. Looks like the National Guard and Coast Guard were on the ball, even if FEMA and Mayor Nagin weren't. Also, Steve Chapman questions the wisdom of rebuilding the Big Easy and thinks the Feds would be better off treating it like Galveston.(Instapundit)

I need to turn in paperwork to the manager at Glebe House so I can (hopefully) nail down that studio today and arrange to move in all my stuff next Tuesday or on some morning while I'm on the Strayer assignment. I also need to see what I can do about getting the truck some fresh tags since the Minnesota tags expire today. Can't understate the importance of getting a permanent address - so many of the other things I need to do here, from getting the truck registered to establishing a local bank account to getting a carry permit (which I can do in Virginia with my DD214 discharge certificate) depend on having a local address.

Also need to get out to Sterling, offload most of the stuff I've been lugging around in the Sportage (for no good reason) since I got here, and do some laundry before picking up P for the rendezvous at Tyson's Corner with Mark. We're going to road-trip this weekend and do some tourist stuff in between visiting friends. Should be cool.

Meat and the shortcomings of takeout

Some of my friends and relatives like their beef (and some other meats) blood rare, the bloodier the better.
I may have found their dream restaurant.

Somewhat related: while Moby Dick's Kebab House is pretty awesome if you eat the food on the premises, getting gyros and other bread-based meals for takeout is a bad idea. Instead of being delightfully crunchy, the bread becomes chewy and elastic, much like squid. Never again. :(
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