August 30th, 2007

the mark


Tonight I received helpful advice on improving Cowzilla's performance, ate way too much at the Tortilla Factory (OMFG their tamales are HUEG LIKE XBOX) circumnavigated Dulles (thx P) and was browbeaten about sending in a check for COBRA. The upgrade will involve adding 512 MB of RAM (I can hear my father sneering from here) and installing a 100GB hard drive that runs almost twice as fast as my current 40GB drive and is also more energy-efficient and cool running to boot. All this should set me back less than $200, and even with XP Homeko flogging the system along it should still be quite cool and zoomy. This upgrade will also give P a chance to practice her skills with Ghost and get Cowzilla's insides hosed out with canned air, which has not been done since I bought it.

I also left my phone in Ashburn because it was late and I lacked caffeine. Maybe I should carry some Folger's Instant around for occasions like this.

Later today: faxing authorization form to Beltmann (they have the money already, but I said I would), checking out unexpectedly reasonably-priced apartment in Hybla Valley, sending check to the COBRA administrators, and other acts of draining money from my checking account.

everything happens at once

I probably would have been in a better mood while looking at teeny tiny close-in apartments and larger but oh so faraway apartments if I hadn't left my phone at chez RS last night, since Accountemps called this morning to offer me a 12-6 job at $16/hour starting next Wednesday. Ironically, it's in the registration department of a local college. Anyway, this works out well since Accountemps can now write a little letter for me saying "Yeah, we hired this guy and expect him to be pulling down serious zoobs. Rent him some space!" and hopefully the landlords will scratch their heads and go "Okay."

Man, small apartments are SMALL. One of the places I looked at was 380 square feet. I realize this probably sounds incredibly spacious to a New Yorker, but the idea of fitting all the stuff I had in a 550 ft^2 place into a tiny space like that...not good. I don't have nearly enough bookshelves for that, to say nothing of all the DVDs. Anyway, the most likely prospect is a 500 ft^2 studio, which ought to give me plenty of room to arrange things. It's not like I'm going to be doing a lot of entertaining, after all.

Supposed to get together with my friend Mark tomorrow before he disappears into the Valley for a weekend with parents, boxers and llamas; considering going up to Laurel Saturday to see Mr. Butler and possibly other gamers; no plans for Sunday or Monday yet. We'll see what develops.