August 28th, 2007



Jesus X. Christ, what a pain in the would think that when a nationally advertised hotel chain offers wi-fi as an amenity, they would actually provide it, no?
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Speaking of jobs, apparently PG County is not desperate enough to hire me without looking at every last marginally qualified licensed teacher first. Well, whatever...there are three slots open in Fairfax County yet, and I have an interview with Accountemps tomorrow morning in case the teaching thing falls through. I am also going to try and shovel a buttload of applications into the maw of USAJOBS in case the Feds are looking for someone like me. You'd think they would be; Spanish speakers with TS clearances can't be that damn common around here.

I may also wind up sleeping over at my mother's after all, at least for a little while. You'd think that with all the damn colleges and universities around here it would have clicked with me that September 1 is not exactly the best move-in date to have picked; I'm getting a lot of "not until October" or "not until September 15" from prospective landlords. We won't even talk about the one that wants a co-signer, proof of income, or a bank statement showing a year's rent in savings. WTF? Well, I'll find something, preferably not in somebody's basement or in a townhouse. I guess I could put up with roommates if I had to, but I'd really rather not if I didn't have to.

Well, speaking of USAJOBS I should knock this off and start shoveling.
UPDATED: Since my old fandom & gaming buddy Gary is moving to Florida tomorrow I drove over to Crofton and chatted with him for a while. Shoveling postponed until tomorrow.
Boss Coffee

Global warming, my ass.

This is what a real heat wave is like. This is what a heat wave does where cheap, affordable air condtioning and electricity to power it doesn't exist. People these days don't really understand what real hot weather is, unless they've been to Iraq or someplace else in the Third World. I've been out on field problems in this kind of weather with the infantry, and they shut the exercise down when it got this hot, but even sitting still in the wears on you. (Ed Driscoll)