August 21st, 2007


"This is your father's burial ground...well, it is like his burial ground."

The drive to Dayton was blessedly short, even with the detour to Rushville, which believe it or not was the closest Wells Fargo presence to Indianapolis. WTF is up with that, former partners in crime? Fort Wayne and Rushville but not the home of the Colts? Well, anyway, it was a pleasant detour down Indiana State Highway 3 and back, and I still got to Dayton in time for a 3 PM check-in, even after a large, leisurely breakfast at an honest-to-God Waffle House.

I'm just going to kick back tonight and chill, with the exception of a short trip to a nearby laundromat to wash some of my road clothes and another to a decent restaurant, if there is one in the neighborhood. This Day's Inn is almost identical to the one I stayed in last night, though in a much better neighborhood. Tomorrow I'm going to get a cable to download my pix from the camera into Cowzilla, and hit the Air Force Museum. There's supposed to be a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms, so it sounds like a really good idea to wander around inside and shoot a bajillion pictures of cool aircraft. I'll also get some good shots of the last Valkyrie for yuusui, not that I wouldn't have anyway. ;)

Title is a quote from James Webb's Fields of Fire, from the chapter where Mitsuko shows her son Camp Hansen.
It sort of fits.

and so to bed

Chillaxation accomplished! I can now has restful sleep, and a tour of the Museum in the morning.

Before I assemble my nose hose, set the alarm, and turn in, though, behold these items of interest found at Rachel's blog:

Arthur Miller "the great American moralist"? Don't make me laugh.

The History Channel is hella popular and military history books sell like hotcakes. So where are all the military history college courses? Victor Davis Hanson has part of the answer; Bruce Bawer has the other part.

Geoffrey Chaucer? He can hath cheezburger too.

Finally, on the off chance that he's taking a break from his PC to do something other than eat, sleep, excrete and strengthen the marriage bond: Yo, stuckintraffik, how's that Bioshock working out for you?
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