August 18th, 2007

Boss Coffee

Good news, bad news

The good news is that it's not going to be insanely hot for the first couple of days of the drive east.
The bad news is that it's going to be raining and I may possibly be driving through thunderstorms. *sigh*
Gas also has gone back up to the $2.90-$3.00/gallon range, but as with the weather there's not much to be done about that.

Well, in the meantime I need to get ready to leave tomorrow, which means doing laundry, taking the cable modem back to Comcast, taking the keys over to Fremont Court after I get that last box of miscellaneous stuff out of the apartment, and dropping off Craig's copies of the most recent StippleAPAs over at Chez stuckintraffik. I should also get the oil changed in the Sportage and maybe have a tuneup done as well. All that should pretty much kill the day and a good part of the evening.

As for Melody's revolver, I can pick that up from Karl on the way out of town tomorrow.

I briefly thought about going to the Detour meeting this afternoon, especially when I saw redmartel, tatsmaru and a couple of other folks hanging out and having a smoke outside the NE entrance, but squashed the thought. There's nothing I can really contribute, since at the moment I am a Wombat Without Portfolio, and I'd really just be a distraction, which is is the last thing needed when they're trying to hash out budget stuff.
Boss Coffee

the eleventh hour

Well, most of the important stuff on the to-do list got done in spite of the rain. The oil change can be done tomorrow, as can dropping off Craig's copies of Stipple, and the dropping off of keys with the super. Even with all that, I should still be on the road and over at Karl & Joella's to pick up the revolver by noon or 1 PM at the latest.

Turned out there were two boxes and some miscellaneous stuff (mostly belonging to the ex) in the apartment, and the effort of dragging those downstairs and stuffing them into the Sportage drained me of gumption. As if that wasn't fun enough, the ex inflicted some minor drama on me when I called to see if jamestrainor was still awake. It was not serious drama, and since I didn't actually have to deal with her when I got to James' place it was all good, especially since there's never a good time to get in the middle of the mother-daughter cold war.

So...going to have a bedtime snack and get a good night's sleep, since I'm looking at about nine hours of driving through southern Minnesota and eastern Iowa in the rain after I get done farting around locally. That plan puts me in Bloomington IL (oddly enough) after 515 miles on the road. It'll be interesting to see how far I actually get, since I'll have to stop for fuel at least once (probably in/near Cedar Rapids) and I suspect fatigue will catch up with me in the Quad Cities rather than in the middle of Illinois, but we'll see how it goes.