August 17th, 2007


can you feel the trees so far away?

Yesterday was not the day either. I didn't even go up to the apartment; after checking the mail I just rolled out to Shoreview to hang out with tatsmaru, Patrick, Rob, and Kristin. That made the sad frustration go away for a while, but then I came back to my room and bleh. I called the plan administrators at Wells today to make sure they actually did cut the check, and they Birmingham. Birmingham? WTF? Wells doesn't even have a bank in Alabama! Why in flaming green hell would they be cutting checks there and mailing them around the Midwest and West? (redmartel, feel free to point and laugh. WFC deserves it for this ass-backwards, primitive shit.) Jesus wept.

Well, anyway, today jamestrainor and I are going over to get the last of the stuff out of the apartment. Most of it is either stuff I'm giving to him, or stuff that belongs to his mother that got left behind when she moved out of the house on 16th Avenue. I have no expectation that the check will be there and am trying not to be depressed about it. Best case, I'm out of here tomorrow and have a chance to catch up with my brother before he heads off for Detroit to visit his buddy Al.

update: Figures. I get all depressed and angry, vent all over the poor schmuck manning the phones at Wells, and the check arrives today. Took some cash out and treated jamestrainor to steak at the Timberlodge as a token of my gratitude for all his help with the move, and then took him back to his place, helped him unload the stuff he's getting from me, and went back to the hotel so's I could kick back and let dinner digest. I think I may wait until Sunday to leave, since I need to drop off my cable modem with Comcast and pay them what I owe them, do laundry, and take care of other pre-move bidness. (Going to the Detour meeting isn't part of that.) I figure by the time I'm done with that it'll be well after noon...