August 14th, 2007


apartment raids and other amphibious excitement

So, yeah, programming handoff meeting. petsnakereggie and thaadd were already there when I got there, romeoa was pulling up as I walked in the door, and mattmn arrived shortly thereafter. It was pretty productive; sounds like the incoming co-heads have a Foolproof Plan in mind to handle the additional load of 30 guests and an extra day's worth of panels, and I hope it works. A lot of the discussion revolved around things brought up in my post-mortem notes and concerns thaadd and I had about the local pros and panelist comp rules. I think they'll be okay.

After that I picked up jamestrainor, who helped me clear several more boxes of stuff out of the apartment, including the badly-missed tote with my antibacterial soap, DVDs, and miscellaneous paperwork. We then went to the Thunderbird, lolled around in the outdoor pool (first time either of us had been in it) and then went grocery shopping. The big storm everyone had been expecting since 1600 finally rolled in, making the trip back to his place a lot more exciting than it usually is, what with flooded intersections, power outages, and other such fun. My eyes still ache from all the lightning, and I'm damn glad to have made it back to the hotel without flooding the poor Sportage's engine. Definitely sleeping in tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll clear out a few more things from the apartment and then quit the place until it's time for me to pay the long-delayed August rent and hand back the keys, which will happen about 2 minutes after I find my distribution check in the mailbox. They can either take my personal check or eat my shorts.

Oh yeah - anyone want a frozen turkey?

Down time

I'd laugh, but this isn't funny. Isn't it time to put NASA down like a senile coon dog yet?

No humour please, we're Canadian liberals. Punch line for those of you in a hurry:
That's right. She wrote two full paragraphs referencing global warming and evolution to critique a post designed to draw attention to the falling values of newspaper stocks.

Been spending the day hanging out in my room, playing Civ 3 and reading Tom Wolfe's Hooking Up. There's a lot of food for thought in there, but there usually is with Wolfe. I can't help wondering whether there's anyone else looking at American society with the same detached amusement and painstaking eye for detail when it comes to our foibles and follies. Anyway, I plan to do a whole lot of nothing this evening. There'll be time enough tomorrow for running around and removing still more things from the apartment.