August 8th, 2007

Boss Coffee

Tuesday night amid the boxes

We made a lot of progress today; there's six boxes and a tub of wargames all ready to go, and we ejected three bags of recyclables into the bin. A lot of that was old bills, Army paperwork from decades ago, and other miscellaneous papers that had somehow gotten jammed into boxes instead of being tossed out years ago. I'm sure I had a good reason for keeping them at the time...anyway, as much as I tried to avoid reading any of that stuff more than absolutely necessary to make a toss/keep decision, it was hard to resist the temptation to scan some of it. Well...I'm going to box up a few more books, games and papers before I go to bed a little later this morning, and fold up some T-shirts and pants for the backup suitcase.

Things should go faster tomorrow. There aren't any more boxes that need to be sifted through, just boxes that need to be taped together, have books & other items added, then taped shut. Most of my CDs have already been ripped and pulled from their cases, and those that haven't, well, I can wait a month or so to deal with them. I think even if James and I don't get any help tomorrow or Thursday we'll still have this done before the movers come on Friday. If I have to wait until early next week to collect the payout from my 401k so I can get the cleaners in here, well, so it goes. There's nothing I particularly have to be in DC for until the 18th, and even that is a Goonfleet thing that can be skipped if need be. We'll see what happens.

LATE UPDATE: Oh yeah - I may have a job waiting for me in the P.G. County schools. It's a job.

M-day minus 2

Eric Neve surprised me by showing up a little before 1800 to help box stuff up, and with his help and jamestrainor's, we added another eight boxes to the "done" stack, not including the three boxes of books, DVDs , and excess T-shirts/bedclothes I did in the bedroom this afternoon. So basically all that's left is the kitchen, about a box's worth of stuff in the living room, another three boxes' worth of books in the bedroom, and some clothes in the closet, most of which are just going to be thrown out since I doubt I'll have the time/materials/inclination to repair them, and the ones that don't need repairing, I won't be fitting into any time soon. As for the boxes in the kitchen and on top of the hall closet, most of those just need to be taped up and they'll be ready to go.

If anyone needs a SuperSaver 31-day card, I'm selling my last one on eBay. If anyone wants a Honeywell HEPA air cleaner, I'm giving one away. It could use some dusting and maybe a little exterior cleaning, but it's functional. Aside from those two items and some stuff we've found that belongs to my ex, everything else is getting shipped Friday or trashed tomorrow.

I've got one more visit with Dr. Werkhoven tomorrow. My toes have been coming along pretty well imho, but he's the professional.

One last big push tomorrow with the help of jamestrainor, jxxtan, pkat and whoever else surprises me, and it ought to be all done except the cleaning and checkout, which will unavoidably be postponed until next week, since the cash flow doth suck greatly.