July 29th, 2007

dead wombat

stiffness in my bones

Holy crap, that was a lot of stuff...jxxtan and pkat had enough furniture and other stuff to fill half a 28' van, and moving it yesterday in the afternoon heat just sucked ass. Fortunately we had two furniture dollies and a couple of two-wheelers, and the truck was equipped with a lift gate, or we'd probably still be at it. As it was, I got there at 1300, went to get jamestrainor at 1800, and I think we finally got everything loaded into the new place by 2200. After that we headed off to Baker's Square for pie and ice cream and (for James) meat, and finally I left for home, dropping off James and stuckintraffik along the way, discussing RPG systems en route.

Today...Jesus, I am sore, and tired. Slept in until noon, showered, and now I feel barely human. I think I'm going to restrict myself to swimming and maybe a stop at WalMart for essentials like soap and bandages.