July 27th, 2007

Boss Coffee

Cleaning out the cube

Between the old paperwork and miscellaneous crap I've accumulated in eight years, I've filled a paper box and my bag. All I have left are the stuffed animals, a water bottle, and a cou[ple of other miscellaneous items, and those should fit in my bag. It was kind of :3 to find all the Service Star pins I've gotten these last few years, and I wondered briefly if it would have made any difference if I'd followed the prevailing practice here and pinned them to my cube walls...but then I've never been much for tooting my own horn.

Lot of e-mails and phone calls responding to my announcement in e-mail that this is my last day, including a couple from some VPs I've occasionally worked with. Thanks, guys. Where were you when I needed you, a couple years ago when I was getting hosed on my reviews on account of "poor customer service"? It's all kind of shobon, I guess.
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Mystery achievement

Well, that's it - ID turned in, personal files downloaded onto my thumb drive, and after this post I'll be flushing Firefox and my bookmarks, removing my cables from the workstation and heading off to Ike's for the second farewell party of the day. This has been the most time I've spent at any job that didn't require me to wear a uniform to work, and I have mixed feelings about it. For now, I'm glad it's over. It's been a long eight and a half years, and like some grossly defective jelly doughnut, this job had a lot of nasty crap in the middle of the crunchy sugary goodness. It's all over now, though.
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