July 22nd, 2007


busy busy busy

Wow, almost no time for internet spaceships at all this weekend. :)

Spent most of my time yesterday at the Convergence post-mortem, which actually went better than I thought it would. This is a process I think AD could stand to adopt, since feedback sheets and the public post-mortem panel alone are not enough to give us a feel for how we're doing from year to year. After the post-mortem and breakout sessions were done it was 1800 and pointless to go home before the volunteer party started at 1900, so I went over to BK and grabbed some burgers and rings. There was still time to kill after I walked back to the hotel, so I talked to Bridget (who runs parties for CVG) in the Garden Court. qob, tjstriker, Don, and one of the Detour folks who spent most of his CVG as a wandering host dropped by, so we had a nice little conversation before things got rolling in 214 and we all headed upstairs.

More conversation and munchies ensued, continuing until 0100 when windelina finally kicked the handful of us still watching Soylent Blue out. Which was a lot longer than I meant to stay, but michaellee and geekboyonlineand kurai_tsuki and cajones and lots of other folks were there, and it was all good.

So between that and finishing Drake's Counting The Cost, I didn't get to bed until 0300, which is why I didn't get over to redmartel's for gaming until noonish. We played about a third of the way through White Eagle Eastward before I used my hideous advantage in political points to end things with a Polish win. Wargame and convention geeking followed until I left at 1900 to pick up jamestrainor for the weekly swimming. We didn't stay in the water long on account of not getting into the too cool water until 2000, and since all the Chinese places were closed we wound up eating at Little Caesar's down on Lake Street. It's where the Trieu Chau restaurant used to be, and I have to say Little Caesar's has changed a lot since I was an assistant manager for them back in the early 1990s. No Deliverators or Abkhazian managers, but they've radically stripped down the menu so that you can now get a decent large pizza for $5 in about 30 seconds. Pretty impressive. Pan pizza is still square and yummy but is now cut like a normal pizza, and the soda available (only in bottles) is Pepsi. :(

Home to change skills, giev post, take meds and head for bed. I'll probably get stuck doing balancing tomorrow fuck the EBN oh wait I did already.