July 12th, 2007

Boss Coffee

Escape from L.A. (Not featuring Kurt Russell)

I think I've found my doppelganger, a kid who grew up in Los Angeles and fled to the Northeast to escape the heat. It's not an exact copy, of course; my parents weren't insane about the heat like this poor bastard's, and I certainly didn't have his orgasmic experience of discovering the four seasons. Maryland's got a rather nice spring and fall, thank you very much, even if the winter is kind of blah most of the time. Still, there's a lot of similarities there, and it's a well-written little piece of autobiography. (Rachel)
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More bad ideas about politics.

Larry Sabato is one of those political science professors that the MSM dredges up every four years to tell us what's wrong with the country and how we elect our Glorious Leaders. I have my own opinion about the guy, but I'm curious: based on his proposals for reforming the Federal Government, do my friends consider him an inspired genius or, like James Poulos, an astoundingly ignorant douchebag who should be kept well away from the young and the ignorant? (Jane Galt, who asks quite reasonably, "We're not going to do it, so why are we even bothering to talk about it?" Because, Jane, sometimes it's fun to point and laugh. Cruel, but fun.)

Change bad.

Michelle Malkin's new blog format is teh suck.
Mitch Berg's site still has that annoying NRSC ad left over from the last election, and has now added popups, which manage to get past Firefox. Double plus ungood!

I'm not happy, and I think I'm going to take an extended vacation from both, at least until I can express my displeasure to Mitch in person at Saturday's MOB get-together.