July 3rd, 2007

the mark

Gee, what a surprise.

Basic function of iPhone pretty much useless since AT&T/Cingular sucks.
Crazed Apple users love phone anyway.
This is the sort of psychotic behavior that keeps me firmly rooted in the Palm/cellphone camp, to say nothing of sticking with Wintel boxes. Who wants to be identified with people like this? Not me, that's for damn sure. (Jane Galt)

Morning linkagery

Mort Kondracke pops off about talk radio. Dean Barnett responds. The bottom line is that Rush, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and their ilk are all responding to what the market wants, not driving the consrvative movement as part of the mythical Right Wing Noise Machine. As Dean points out, it didn't matter how much Hugh talked in favor of Harriet Myers: the base wasn't buying it. Same goes for the recent immigration dust-up: people were calling in to vent their rage at the bill and the way Kennedy, Reid, McCain and their ilk tried to pull a fast one with it. Rush, Laura and the rest just provided a venue for them to do the venting in. (Instapundit)

Steve Chapman talks about integration, quotas, and the recent decision in Parents v. Seattle. He also points out the silliness of people who claim this decision "rolled back" Brown v. Board of Edcuation. (Instapundit)

Coffee: It's good for you. No duh. (Maggie's Farm)

On that note, I'm going to see if I can find a cup of Guatemala around here.
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Mostly military (w/one naval) linkagery

Well, at least one Japanese gets it. Unfortunately the rest are still neck-deep in that Egyptian river. Defense Minister forced to resign for pointing out that Japan got what it had coming when Nagasaki and Hiroshima got nuked. (Jules Critenden, who includes some horrific accounts of life as an American POW in Japanese camps for more context.)

Big Damn Hero: Attack copter pilot straps himself to outside of Apache so wounded soldier can be medevac'd. (Jules Crittenden) Video clip here at Blackfive.

Big Damn Hero, Maori Style: Kiwi commando sprints over 75 yards under heavy fire to save the life of badly wounded comrade in Afghanistan, wins Victoria Cross for heroism. (Jules Crittenden)

"Galloping Ghost of the China Coast" dies at 93. Rear Admiral Eugene Fluckey won the Medal of Honor and four Navy Crosses while commanding the submarine USS Barb during WW2. Among other achievements, he and his crew sank 29 ships with more gross tonnage than any other American submarine and were the only Americans to actually set foot in Japan during the war. Article includes the hair-raising tale of the exploit that won Fluckey the Medal, as well as the tale of his generosity towards his old crew. Well worth reading. (Jules Crittenden) More about the Admiral here at Eaglespeak, including the Medal of Honor citation and the story of how the Barb's crew "sank" a train after pioneering the use of cruise missiles aboard submarines. (In From The Cold)

Where does the Army go from here? Junior officers leave in droves, write articles critical of the generals and the way Iraq has been handled.Collapse )
(Jules Crittenden)

Weekend minus one hour and counting...

I took Thursday, Friday and next Monday off for Convergence, though I won't actually be at the hotel until 3 or 4 PM Thursday. The rest of Thursday will be spent packing, getting my hair cut, doing laundry, and getting a copy of my transcript from St. Mary's so I can scan it and upload it to teachers-teachers.com along with my Metro State transcript when that comes in (probably sometime next week). I really shouldn't have put it off this long and hope it doesn't screw me out of any jobs.

I don't have any plans for the Fourth. On the other hand, I do have three pounds of bratwurst (three different species, not one 3-pound box) in the fridge and a 12-pack of Diet Rite left over from Claycon, so I may just go out behind the apartment, fire up one of the grills, and burn me some pork tubes. Folks are welcome to join me, and if you have something going on that me and my bratwurst would be welcome at, well, that'd be cool too.

I read this Jonah Goldberg column and it got the gears going in my head. I'm not done thinking about it quite yet. It fits in with some things I'd been thinking about for a while regarding American cultural identity and some things I've been reading in Paul Johnson's A History of the American People. Maybe I'll post something tomorrow. (Instapundit)

The mix CD I burned of dance/electronica tunes didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, mainly because the Salubrious Invertebrae CD is a bit damaged, but also because the different styles of music (Apollo 440, Crystal Method, EBN, Add N to (X), and Salubrious Invertebrae) don't mesh as well as I thought they might, so there's some jarring transitions. It seems to do best when I set the CD drive to "random".