July 2nd, 2007

Boss Coffee

in the event of a breach of security

I think from here on out I'm just going to STFU about sleep. I understand perfectly well that I function best and am most healthy when I get my nightly eight hours on a regular 2200-0600 schedule, but then something like Claycon comes along and I stay up until 0600, sleep until 1500 the next day and wind up getting a two-hour nap before heading in to work on Monday. Obviously at the deeper levels of my brain this sleep knowledge hasn't sunk in.

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Cobb quotes Juan Williams on the recent busing decision and also has an extended meditation on Parents v. Seattle.
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Also, Don Surber brings teh funneh:
THURSDAY: By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court decided the school a child attends should not be decided by the color of his skin. Justice Breyer said this reverses the Brown vs. Topeka ruling in 1954, which said the school a child attends should not be decided by the color of his skin. And liberals are supposed to be the smart ones.

Finally, Jane Galt talks about adverse selection and the difficult road to single-payer health care.
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im in ur LAN party, boostin ur scorez

Played a lot of UT2k4 at Claycon this weekend. I don't like it as much as HALO 2, especially since after about an hour I start getting motion sickness. This irritates me, since I don't get that from most of the other things that cause it (eating in cars, high-speed elevators, fast-moving helicopters at nap-of-the-earth altitudes, etc.) but between this experience and the one time I tried playing Doom back in the day I'm ready to swear off PC-based FPS games. I wonder why I get motion sickness from these games but not from HALO and other, similar console games. Is it because I'm right on top of the computer monitor as opposed to being across the room from the V that the XBox is hooked up to?