June 29th, 2007

Boss Coffee

miscellaneous notes

Murphy's Law being what is is, I went out and bought a couple of small fans (actually, the Honeywell's pretty sizable for a table fan) earlier in the week, and the next day temperatures eased off from the 90s to the low 80s.

It's a short week at work for me next week - I'm in Monday and Tuesday, off the 4th, and then taking three days' PTO for Convergence so that I don't have to be back at work until the 10th. Still thinking about when I want to giev missilenotice.

Apparently Goons took the station in 9-9 back yesterday in an epic fight involving our French and Russian allies that slaughtered dozens of enemy battleships across three systems.
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I missed out on this because I was at the wrong end of the 0-w > 77s pipe trying (and failing) to get past a gatecamp. Another day, another Ferox. :(

Other than that, it's been a quiet week. No plans for this weekend or the 4th; I may just take it easy and hang around the apartment unless something turns up. Especially since I need to clean this place up some before I decamp to the Sheraton for Convergence. Not too many things worse than coming back to an overheated apartment where the ecch in the sink has had time to mutate into an intelligent and hostile life form, to say nothing of the pizza boxes.
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