June 14th, 2007


Church humor, ar ar

OMG, it's the Spirit of Vatican II weblog!
Related, but at the other end of the religio-political spectrum: Against the Huns. What's not to like about a parish with Alexander Anderson as one of the associate pastors?

Warning: sites may not be nearly so funny to politically liberal Catholics and other schismatics. ;)
Via wheelerwoolsey in catholicism.

Unrelated but still amusing: Mr. Wizard arrives in Heaven.
the mark

Entirely predictable

As more corn gets diverted to ethanol production, the price of food goes up. Lower production of wheat, soybeans, and rice isn't helping. Time to repeal the import tariff on Brazilian ethanol, methinks. (Maggie's Farm)

Related: Possible replacement of corn by cellulosic biomass. (We didn't need those trees and grass clippings anyway.)
Purdue economists regard the new corn boom as a mixed blessing for rural Indiana.
Boss Coffee

Educational paperwork

This trainwreck reminds me that I need to get my transcripts from Metro State and St. Mary's together and get them posted on the AFT website for prospective employers to pore over. I did get my DD214 and Form 2A from the Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, but unfortunately it doesn't show anywhere on there that I qualified as a Spanish linguist. It does show me filling German and Russian slots in the various MI units I was with up here, so at least I have that going for me. I wonder whether it's worth the time and money to get a copy of my transcript from Cardinal Stritch. It's almost as ugly as the one from St. Mary's, and not really relevant to what I'll be teaching, so I'm tempted to just blow it off. The school system that I'm really hoping to get hired by only pays $2750 extra for a Master's degree and nothing for incomplete graduate work, so there's really nothing to be gained by having the extra credits on file.

I also got my consolidation loan approved, and the monthly payments are no longer from hell, just halfway there. I'm still hoping they approve the forbearance.
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