June 13th, 2007


If you were wondering...

...about the lawyer reference in this post, it goes back to the AutoAdmit brouhaha. (Althouse)

In other news, the pool at the complex will be opening tonight (it was closed because a motor burned out) but I probably won't get a crack at it until tomorrow on account of tonight's programming meeting and the need to run some errands afterwards. No big deal; it's not like it won't be unpleasantly hot from now until after Labor Day.
Boss Coffee

It could be worse

I need to read Wog's Blog more often, if only to remind myself that no matter how much my life may suck (and it really doesn't, tbqh) it could be a hell of a lot worse. That having been said, Wog has some interesting things to say and is a pretty fair writer despite what he says. This piece about the alarmist local weather guys and looking back on a misspent youth is a particularly good one. That song doesn't really fit me, because I never really rebelled against my parents and grew up to be pretty much the kind of guy I wanted to be when I was a kid. (Mitch)
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