June 10th, 2007


Generation Jones

Geitner Simmons, a good ol' boy who writes for the editorial page of the Omaha World Herald, hasn't been blogging a whole lot this past year, and I fell out of the habit of checking his rather eclectic blog. Which means that when he put up this post back in April I missed it until now. I think to a certain extent these generational tags are used by marketers (what isn't?) but at the same time I think they're also useful on a macro scale for talking about cohorts of people who have certain shared experiences, whether those are cultural/historical or political/historical. There's no question that those of us who came of age in the 1970s were living in a world the Woodstock Generation brought into existence, and we didn't like it a damn bit. It explains a lot of things about the 80s.

Summer arrives

This afternoon it finally got hot and humid enough to turn the A/C on; the announced high was 88, and it definitely felt like it. Where I'm going, of course, it'll be a lot worse, but that's no reason not to be comfortable now.

Unusually, I haven't spent the day playing EVE. I spent it playing Civ3 insteadclearing useless old crap off the external drive so I could fill it with useless new crap, i.e. music. Finally added were the two BTO CDs I bought last month, the handful of CDs I had in my small case that hadn't already been ripped, and some strays that for one reason or another hadn't been added to the collection. I now have separate folders for electronica and rap, and the R&B section is bigger as well. While I'm talking about music, I finally got around to using that Best Buy gift card I got from the Evil banking Neighbor's Rewards Program and picked up copies of Aerosmith's Toys In The Attic (my first rock album, as it happens*) and Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, which I was overcome with desire for while coming home from the Praxis II yesterday listening to Tesla. I may burn a couple of CDs tonight so I'll have something different to listen to at work.

I also finally got around to firing up the bread robot, bagging up some garbage, and doing some other miscellaneous chores.

*It had better art than The Guitars That Destroyed The World, which was the other album I was looking at.